About Helen

Helen Aherne was born in Ireland and is convinced this is where she gets her Celtic sense of   humour and curiosity about people.  She loves to know seed, breed and generation of those she meets, some of whom end up in her novels – in unrecognisable form, obvs! 

In her teenage years, she discovered love and romance between the pages of ill-gotten Mills and Boons which, while igniting questions  (mainly about sex) in her curious, teenage mind, never seemed to provide an answer – she could never get past that bedroom door!

She dabbled in other genres, but always returned to her favourite – women’s romantic fiction.  As a technophobe – she remembers the introduction of the first fax machine in her workplace, and a computer room the size of a small sitting-room – she is fascinated by love in this modern world, by how easy it may be to reach people through social media, to find a partner but not always find real love. 

Helen’s work is mostly for and about women whose resilience never ceases to amaze.  A good sense of humour, and the ability to laugh at ourselves is what Helen feels keeps life from getting too serious.

Two of Helen’s poems have been included in an anthology of women’s poetry and prose.  One of her short stories, The Shrew, was chosen by a small radio station during National Short Story Week 2013.

She now lives happily with her husband on a sheep farm in North Wales, surrounded by three gorgeous Border Collies and several hundred Welsh mountain sheep.