Champagne and Labradors

Life throws strange things at us in our quest for love. But love finds us in the end … doesn’t it?

Champagne and Labradors

Quiet, dependable Rachel loves her rural life in the picturesque town of Norebridge, nestled in the English countryside. She adores her job, her feckless friend Annie, and Henry, her lovely boss. And while Fifty Shades of … anything may be totally outside her comfort zone, she’s head over heels in love with Jack and is looking forward to their future together. Until he turns that life upside down.

Her friend and colleague, Annie, thinks Rachel is too nice for this world and needs to ‘wise up.’ She also believes men are her playthings and discards them – regularly and ruthlessly – as often as her tattered tights. Until she finds the love of her life, only to realise he’s in love with someone else. Is she too late?

Henry is sweet, shy and a bumbler when it comes to matters of the heart – the heart he has lost to someone who sees him only as a friend. Is there any hope for him?

Anton, mega rock star, wants to change his life; to find someone with whom he can settle down and have a family of his own. Is there anyone who can see past his outlandish lifestyle and take the risk?

Can all three find the love they crave while helping Rachel put her life back together? Champagne and Labradors is available at Amazon

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