An Accidental Wedding

Love doesn’t always come easy – but it’s worth fighting for, isn’t it?

Rachel loves Anton but decides to walk away from their forthcoming wedding.  She can embrace his rock-star lifestyle, even his bad-boy notoriety – but can no longer accept the pregnancy with a local girl.

Annie, her friend, risks her own new-found happiness in her efforts to prevent Rachel making a huge mistake.

Maura, an attractive middle-aged woman, is surprised when love finds her again, after a tragic end to her 30-year marriage.  But love in later life is not without its obstacles, or amusing moments.

Charlie and Derry are meant for each other.  But life keeps getting in the way and Fate seems to have other plans for them.   

They are all united in their plan to keep Rachel and Anton’s wedding on track.  Can they succeed?  And, in doing so, can they find true happiness themselves?

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